“One constant finding in the research literature is that notable improvements in education almost never take place in the absence of professional development. At the core of each and every successful educational improvement effort is a thoughtfully conceived, well-designed, and well-supported professional development component.” – Thomas R. Guskey, PhD

Higher education, especially engineering and technology education, plays a critical role in developing and sustaining economic growth and in promoting society’s well-being. It all starts with a well prepared human capital. Engineering and technology institutions of higher education need to engage in a process of continuous innovation and transformation to better address their country’s and region’s needs and better serve society.

InnovaHiEd, LLC is a network of colleagues and associates that range from professors who have dared to change the way they teach and thus increased their students’ learning, to deans who championed major transformations in their colleges, to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and industry leaders who have nurtured and expanded academic partnerships. A group of individuals who have dedicated their lives to improving higher education, especially, engineering education, many world educators with prestigious awards and recognitions. They have transformed themselves, their institutions and higher education – and are making themselves available to help others through similar transformations.

We believe in the following basic principles for effective higher education innovation and transformation:

  • The mission of a university is three-fold: educate, create, serve
  • Each institution is unique and cannot be replicated
  • Innovation is a never-ending process of continuously seeking excellence
  • All stakeholders need to be involved in the innovation process
  • Education must be student/learner-centric
  • The educator’s role is to be a catalyst of student learning
  • Outcomes assessment is critical for decision-making

We offer capacity building, consulting and coaching to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and related disciplines’ educators and leaders in the following areas:

  • Outcomes-based Curriculum Design
  • Teaching/Learning Methods
  • Leveraging IT in Higher Education
  • Program and Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • Design of Learning & Teaching Environments
  • Develop & Nurture Industry-University Partnerships
  • Faculty Communications Competencies
  • Planning for the Research Endeavor
  • Technology for Learning
  • Strategic Planning for Higher Education
  • ABET Accreditation
  • and many others

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