The Chronicle has showcased creative efforts to solve problems — to enliven the classroom, cut instructional costs, recruit more women into computer science, keep students on track to graduate, conduct cutting-edge research, and more. Worth reading (here). Here’s the list of innovators. Unfortunately access is limited to for CHE suscribed members (apologies!).


A New School for the Digital AgePremium Link

Jake Schwartz’s General Assembly offers courses designed for the job market.

One-Stop Shopping for the CollegeboundPremium Link

John Katzman founded the education-search company Noodle to help students find the right college.

Inhabiting HistoryPremium Link

Using apps, games, and virtual reality, Bryan Carter brings the Harlem Renaissance to life in the classroom.

The End of Textbooks?Premium Link

For Kim Thanos, providing open-access learning materials isn’t just a business, it’s a cause.

A Boys’ Club No LongerPremium Link

Maria Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd College, has made it her mission to attract women to computer science.

Encouraging Parents to HoverPremium Link

At the U. of Tennessee at Martin, Brandy Cartmell’s online parent portal aims to improve retention rates.

The Facebook ScholarPremium Link

Jeffrey Hancock’s use of social-media data led to some interesting findings — and a big backlash.

The Rabble-RouserPremium Link

Audrey Watters believes technology must be questioned and challenged, not just used blindly.

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