Success = 85% soft skills and 15% hard skills

Have you ever heard of this theory? It originated from a research study on engineering education almost 100 years ago!

In 1918, Charles Riborg Mann released his extensive research study on engineering education, A Study of Engineering Education, prepared for the Joint Commission of Engineering Education societies.

Read the article here and download the original report here.

Engineering educators, be aware! Thanks, Eduardo Vendrell for the link!

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  1. zacarias


    The report deals with problems not solved in 2015.
    We study and develop depth discussions, but the actions to redirect at sucessfull engineering education, are few.
    Excelent reference, wish to see that report updated for 2015 and compare with the old one.

  2. Reply

    I found the report fascinating. Could not stop reading it until I finished it! Thanks for sharing this valuable piece of history that I was not aware of. It was an eye opener. Every engineering school in the country should promote raiding this document.

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