Transforming Engineering Education for the Innovation Era!

Workshop description: Engineering education plays a fundamental role in developing and sustaining economic growth and in promoting society’s well-being. It all starts with a well prepared human capital, an engineer who possesses the competencies needed to address the challenges and opportunities the innovation era presents. Therefore, it is imperative that engineering education institutions engage in a continuous process of innovation and transformation to better serve society and to address local, regional and global challenges and opportunities. This 3-day workshop addresses questions for engineering educators to help them reflect on future steps: Why innovate engineering education? How can we innovate the curriculum to better serve society? What are the engineering competencies needed today? What learning environments and teaching/learning methods can we use to better prepare engineers for industry? How can we use technology to enhance student learning? What is the role of industry/employers in the innovation process? How can we assess student learning outcomes? How can we motivate others to change? What are some best practices to retain engineering/computer science students? This 3-day workshop will be presented in a “walking the talk” mode, that is, attendees will be practicing what they will be testing/implementing in the classroom as well as start planning to implement an innovation.

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