IGIP Puerto Rico 012017 (2)

With twenty-six (26) very motivated participants (deans and faculty leaders) from Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Perú and Puerto Rico and hosted by the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez Campus (UPRM), InnovaHiEd’s inaugurated its IGIP Certification Program. Some of the attendees were moved by curriculum and teaching innovations already in motion at their institutions and wanted to incorporate new approaches and trends (for example, outcomes based education, flipped learning), others were moved to attend to initiate change at their institutions. Several institutions brought teams of colleagues who were eager to learn from others and from instructors’ experiences.

The InnovaHiEd IGIP Certification Program provides a formal, internationally recognized qualification in teaching and learning methodologies for engineering and related disciplines (science, math, physics, IT, etc.) for faculty, graduate students and other interested parties worldwide. Those who complete it can add a world-recognized qualification to their title, for example: Dr. Juan Pérez, PhD, PE, IGIP.Ing.Paed. The program consists of three phases: 1) intense week of face-to-face activities; 2) implementation of an engineering education innovation at participants’ institution and 3) publishing an innovation paper in a peer-reviewed journal or conference.

The successful organization and hosting of the first phase of the IGIP Program was the result of the zealous efforts of following partner organizations lead by the InnovaHiEd: Laspau Center at Harvard University, IFEES, UPRM and its Cohemis Center. Besides learning about outcomes based curriculum development, novel teaching methods and technologies (like augmented reality), outcomes assessment and other topics, the attendees had the opportunity to visit UPRM’s College of Engineering Learning Factory and the Industrial Biotechnology Program. We are now completing phase 2 of the program and looking forward to phase 3 to learn about these innovators’ innovations!

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