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US News’ 2019 college rankings are here, but who’s keeping score? | Education Dive

What should rankings measure? My short list ordered by the three-pronged mission of higher education:


  1. Degree of accomplishment of graduate competencies development [needed by employers/society]
  2. Graduation rate, time to graduation (teaching/learning effectiveness)
  3. Graduates’ ability to pay education debt (roi)


  1. R&D portfolio – Pertinence of R&D at local, regional & global levels
  2. Impact of research (short, medium, long-term)
  3. External recognition (quality not necessarily quantity)


  1. Time & effort dedicated to internal & external community service
  2. Quality of the above
  3. Recognition

One overall ranking should gather all of the above according to institution’s unique mission and would indicate the institution’s degree of addressing society’s needs. There ought to be rankings for different kinds of institutions (e.g., research as primary focus; education as primary focus; mixed)

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