While engineering is often seen as a male-dominated field, more women than ever are pursuing engineering careers and the gender gap is shrinking globally. Engineers are changemakers who play a critical role in solving the grand challenges facing humanity—and it’s a role that will be even more important in the coming decades. For innovations to continue to evolve, it’s necessary to balance gender representation in the field and ensure engineering advancements include all members of society. Rising to the Top provides an intimate and inspiring look into the experiences that have shaped the lives and careers of women engineering leaders from around the world, from Sudan to Chile to Malaysia, and many points in between. By openly sharing their personal journeys in these pages, the authors hope to not only inspire the next generation of engineering leaders, but also provide valuable insight into the challenges facing women engineers around the world, and the opportunities that are theirs for the taking. Rising to the Top makes it clear that women engineering leaders are not only essential for the advancement of all societies—they are here to stay.

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Download e-book or pdf free here. My chapter is number 20.

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