InnovaHiEd Institute proudly announces 20+ new modules to be offered in 2020.

The I ECTS modules can be selected as part of the International Engineering Educator Certification Program (IEECP), or, they can be offered upon request as a stand-alone professional development modules for engineering and STEM faculty, deans, graduate students and others interested. They can be provided on-line or face-to-face. All of the instructors are experienced professors who possess the Ing.Paed.IGIP academic certification or are in the process of obtaining it.

Share with colleagues and contact us below for more information on how you can customize a professional capacity building event for your institution or group of institutions.

Module themes:

  • E1 – Getting Ready for the ABET Accreditation
  • E2 – Getting Ready for the EQANIE (IT) Accreditation in Europe
  • E3 – Design Thinking
  • E4 – Fundamentals of Faculty Evaluation
  • E5 – Developing and Sustaining Industry-University Relationships
  • E6 – Flipped Learning
  • E7- Learning with Case Studies
  • E8 – Teaching with Teams
  • E9 – Jigsaw Puzzle Learning: an effective cooperative learning strategy
  • E10- Capstone Design Course with Project Management
  • E11- Integrating Industry 4.0 into the Curriculum
  • E12 – Integrating Innovation & Entrepreneurship into the Curriculum
  • E13- Integrating Leadership into the Engineering Curriculum
  • E14 – Establishing a Global Challenges Scholars Program at your Institution
  • E15 – Teaching Critical Thinking (Uriel Cukierman)
  • E16 – Teaching Oral & Written Communication
  • E17 – Change Management in Higher Education
  • E18 – Developing & Using Videos for Learning
  • E19 – Integrating Data Science into the STEM Curriculum
  • E20 – Cybersecurity Awareness in Higher Education
  • E21 – Instructional Design Basics

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