2 week workshop at Beihang University in China, July 2018

Our world-class award winning team can help your institution 1) assess your needs, 2) together with you, help develop your plans to address those needs, and 3) accompany you through your implementation phases, through:

  • High value meetings/brainstorming sessions
  • Focused capacity building programs, seminars and workshops
  • Individual and group consulting/mentoring
  • Efficacious and agile follow-through via email and conference calls

Consulting and Workshop/Seminar Areas

  • Outcomes-based Curriculum Design
  • Active & Authentic Teaching/Learning Methods
  • Leveraging IT in Higher Education
  • Program and Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • Design of Learning & Teaching Environments
  • Develop & Nurture Industry-University Partnerships
  • Faculty Communications Competencies
  • Planning for the Research Endeavor
  • Technology for Learning
  • Strategic Planning for Higher Education
  • ABET Accreditation
  • and many others

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