Value Rubrics from AAC&U (awesome!)

Excellent rubrics for soft skills provided by the American Association of Colleges &  Universities (AAC&U). Organized by learning outcome. Click on an outcome to preview, download, and learn more about a particular rubric. All rubrics are offered at no cost via AAC&U’s Shopping Cart. Obtain All 16 Rubrics (pdf) Intellectual and Practical Skills Inquiry and

The future of educational materials

Every academic semester, students obtain course materials for their courses. But the norm of a generation ago – going to traditional bookstores and buying books and perhaps selling them back at the end of the semester – has evolved. Likewise, the way students, instructors and college administrators think about educational materials and the role of

New! IGIP International Engineering Educator Certification Program

InnovaHiEd is pleased to announce the offering of its IGIP International Engineering Educator Certification Program! What it is: The program provides a formal, internationally recognized qualification in teaching and learning methodologies for engineering and related disciplines (science, math, physics, IT, etc.) for faculty, graduate students and other interested parties worldwide. Those who complete it can add a

Data Science | Coursera

Take free online classes from 140+ top universities and educational organizations. We partner with schools like Stanford, Yale, Princeton, and others to offer courses in dozens of topics, from computer science to teaching and beyond. Whether you are pursuing a passion or looking to advance your career, Coursera provides open, free education for everyone. Source:

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