College Presidents: Rankings Least Vital Measure of Success

A college’s ranking is the least important of 16 factors for evaluating the success of a college president, according to presidents themselves. Just 3% of U.S. college presidents say university ranking scores are an “extremely important” factor. More on

Design Thinking Workshop in Lorena, Brazil

Circa 130 STHEM professors from 43 universities got together in Unisal in Lorena, Brazil for a week of workshops. On Wednesday, May 19th I had a great time with these folks delivering the workshop on Design Thinking in partnership with Harvard University’s Laspau Center (  More on

Carnegie Mellon to Test Blended Learning on Computer Science

On a new experiment, Carnegie Mellon is studying scalability of this learning model in an attempt to find solutions to the computer science skills gap in the U.S. This Education Dive article discuses how the new blended course will replace the traditional introductory computer science course with online content and augment them with small-group instruction geared

Skills or Knowledge – What is More Important?

Success = 85% soft skills and 15% hard skills Have you ever heard of this theory? It originated from a research study on engineering education almost 100 years ago! In 1918, Charles Riborg Mann released his extensive research study on engineering education, A Study of Engineering Education, prepared for the Joint Commission of Engineering Education societies.

Google and Udacity to Offer a ‘Nanodegree’ in Android Development

Called the Android Nanodegree, and joining many other technology companies offer certification courses, including Cisco, HP and Apple, Udacity is powering the first engineering certification that has been created and certified by Google, which owns and distributes the Android mobile operating system. Read more in this Fortune article.

Llamado a Presentar Trabajos VII Congreso de la Mujer Latinoamericana en la Computación

VII CONGRESO DE LA MUJER LATINOAMERICANA EN LA COMPUTACIÓN (LAWCC) Arequipa, Perú 19 al 23 de Octubre 2015 OBJETIVOS El Congreso de la Mujer Latinoamericana en la Computación (LAWCC) se realiza desde el año 2009 como evento asociado de la Conferencia Latinoamericana de Informática (CLEI). Su principal objetivo es destacar la investigación, interés y

UIUC, Coursera partner to offer iMBA, a $20,000 graduate degree

Coursera and the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign College of Business on Monday announced the launch of the iMBA, the first open, fully online MBA program to be offered through the MOOC platform. The program has been approved by the institution’s faculty senate, and for many who have watched the massive open online course space over

RTI Study Reports High Attrition among STEM High Performance Students

About a quarter of high performing students who began pursuing a bachelor’s degree between 2003 and 2009 declared a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) major; however, nearly a third of these students had transferred out of STEM fields by spring 2009, according to a study by RTI International. While being very attractive to students,

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