Employers Rate Competencies, Students’ Career Readiness | NACE

Th US National Association of Colleges and Employers just released its 2017 report on To read more go here. Attributes employers seek on a candidate’s resume: Attribute Percentage of Respondents Ability to work in a team 78.0% Problem-solving skills 77.3% Communication skills (written) 75.0% Strong work ethic 72.0% Communication skills (verbal) 70.5% Leadership 68.9% Initiative

Goodbye, maths and English. Hello, teamwork and communication? | WEF

Discovering what engineering companies and engineering education have been saying for decades! “Cognitive skills in topics like maths and English have long been used as to measure the calibre of a job candidate. But a report by The Hamilton Project, an economic think-tank, says that non-cognitive skills are also integral to educational performance and success

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