The IGIP International Engineering Educator Certification program provides educators in engineering, technology and related disciplines training focused on obtaining the prestigious IGIP International Engineering Education Certification, Ing.Paed.IGIP (

Program Objectives – program website:

The 20 ECTS cohort-type program, which can be completed in a minimum of 200 hours, has the following objectives:

  • Provide a formal, internationally recognized qualification in teaching and learning methodologies for engineering and related disciplines for faculty, graduate students and other interested parties worldwide.
  • Provide fundamental knowledge of the theory, the didactics and the methodology, as well as the best practices of engineering education to become effective teachers and mentors.
  • Understand the mission of a university or a technical college and balancing its strategies to better serve constituents.
  • Understand the reasons why engineering and related-disciplines’ educators need to continuously innovate curricula as well as learning/teaching methods and incorporate outcomes assessment strategies.
  • Prepare educators in using state-of-the-art technologies for effective teaching, communicating with students and managing courses.

Program Details, Logistics and Cost

  • Program consists of three phases: 1) a 5 day face-to-face training; 2) online modules, practicum, an innovation implementation and mentoring; and 3) writing of a paper on the innovation implemented.
  • Students work in teams from day one.
  • Modules include core topics as well as electives to be selected by hosts/organizers.
  • Instruction provided by world recognized engineering educators/instructors.
  • Professors who complete this program are encouraged to use the academic title of Ing.Paed.IGIP in their business cards, to be recognized as a bona-fide International Engineering Educator, per IGIP global standards (
  • A Virtual Campus is used as the teaching/learning platform for asynchronous activities.
  • A six-month notice is required to schedule a program at host institution/organization.
  • Please write to us ( to request a proposal to host/organize a cohort at your institution/organization or register in one of our offerings!

Overview of the Curriculum and Learning Experiences

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Overview of the Program Core and Elective Modules

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