Essentials for Innovating Engineering & Related Curricula (ebook & pdf)


Essentials for Innovating the Engineering & Related Curricula describes a set of clear steps to navigate through a difficult task that both higher education leaders, faculty and other stakeholders must go through periodically, either to develop new curricula and learning experiences, or, to innovate/reform existing. It also includes a worksheet with questions that may be asked during the process, like, “Why universities, colleges and programs should engage in curricular innovation? What are the competencies needed in recent graduate? How can we develop these competencies? Who needs to be involved in this process?” While Essentials is meant for the higher education community, specifically for engineering education and related STEAM disciplines (“STEAM” refers to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, all of them characterized by programs that aim to teach students to think critically and have a design approach towards real-world problems) – the steps suggested can also be considered by other disciplines and levels of education. ©2017

Part of the proceedings will go to a scholarship fund for InnovaHiEd’s International Engineering Educator Certification Program. Please respect intellectual property.


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